Slim Chair

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6 year warranty Responsibly manufactured

Say goodbye to lingering back pain!

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Lumbar Support

The Slim Chair offers built-in lumbar support. Specifically designed to provide lumbar protection, the chair helps promote good posture by supporting the natural inward curve of the lower back.

Adjustable Armrests

Armrests help to reduce tension in the upper body and allow the shoulders to relax. The Slim Chair features arms that can be adjusted in height to ensure a comfortable position for the arms and elbows.


Our products are manufactured with a sustainable approach for minimal effect on the environment.


Our products are protected by a 6 year warranty. To read the full warranty information click here.


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Additional Info

Slim Chair

If you are looking to be economical with your work space and interior design yet still have the comfort and back support, Slim offers this minimalist and sleek chair that’s perfect for the job. To help you relax and maintain proper posture, this executive chair includes adjustable armrests that support your elbows and forearms, and enhanced lumbar support. Wrapped in soft bonded leather this minimalist piece is comfortable and has a luxury feel.

Slim has a backrest and seat with anatomic curvatures that will do away with back pain, minimalist design and ready to integrate contemporary projects.


  • Executive Model
  • Adjustable Arms
  • Soft Bonded Leather
  • Hard Casters
  • Pneumatic Lift Adjusts the Height of the Chair
  • High Back
  • Seat Depth Adjustment
  • Made in Brazil

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