Newnet Chair With Headrest

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6 year warranty Responsibly manufactured

Say goodbye to lingering back pain!

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Lumbar Support

The Newnet Chair With Headrest offers flexible and adjustable lumbar support. Specifically designed to provide lumbar protection, the chair helps promote good posture by supporting the natural inward curve of the lower back.

Adjustable Armrests

Armrests help to reduce tension in the upper body and allow the shoulders to relax. The Newnet Chair With Headrest features arms that can be adjusted in height to ensure a comfortable position for the arms and elbows.


With a synchronized mechanism, the Newnet Chair With Headrest follows the body movement in a natural and ergonomic way. It features a smooth, synchronized recline for dynamic sitting and intensive use.


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Additional Info

NewNet Chair with Headrest

Unique experience, feel the difference. Say good-bye to back pain!
The NewNet chair offers the unique experience provided by the mesh backrest. Developed for continuous adaptation to the curvature of the spine. With the built in lumbar support the Newnet will give better back support. This material also allows for better transpiration and provides for natural ventilation.

NewNet is a uniquely designed ergonomic chair with a high back and ergonomically-curved headrest intended to satisfy even the most specific seating needs. Featuring an exclusive breathable mesh back and extra padded seat, this chair delivers comfort right to your fingertips, while adjustable mechanisms provide a customizable experience for long-term support and unrivaled comfort.



  • Black Mesh Back and Black Fabric Seat
  • Headrest
  • Adjustable Arms
  • Hard Casters
  • Pneumatic Lift Adjusts the Height of the Chair
  • Adjustable Lumbar
  • High Back
  • Made in Brazil

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